Flesh and bones

I’m not doing very well lately. With anything. A low time, struggling to cope with how unhappy and unwell Corry has become of late. I want him back so badly and it’s hurting ever so. I’ve been trying to write, trying to occupy and give myself some clarity. I want to be able to get to something that is right and good. I can’t just now. 
I listen to one of Keaton Henson’s songs and it sits with me. I’m holding its words very closely, because I can’t express myself like I need to. 

“Flesh And Bone” Keaton Henson

And I am alone, so don’t speak

I find war, and I find peace

I find no heat, no love in me

And I am low and unwell

This is love, this is hell

This sweet plague that follows me

And I see war on the screen,

And it is cruel and unclean,

But I still worry more about you

And I am rude and unkind

Have no thought, and have no time

Have no eyes, so no point of view

And I am more than this frame,

I feel hurt and I feel shame

I just wish you would feel the same

And I am more than these bones

I feel love, I feel alone

I just wish you would come home 

My body’s weak

I feel my heart giving up on me

I’m worried it might just be

My body’s weak

Feel my lungs giving up on me

I’m worried it might just be

Something my soul needs